PS3 Welcome back package has additional PSN Plus freebies

By Peter Chubb - Jun 5, 2011

Most of you by now would have taken advantage of the free goodies that Sony gave PlayStation Network users by now. We now have some more good news for you, as the PS3 welcome back package has additional PSN Plus freebies. These free games can only be played while you are signed up to PlayStation Plus, which means your paid subscription or the free 30-day trial.

There are two games that can be downloaded and played up until June 16, 2011, and they are Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers and Burnout Paradise. If there was ever a game that you would want for free, then Burnout is it. This racing game is great to help you take out your frustration on those who anger you the most – so the hackers and the slow progress of Sony then.

The second free game mentioned above is based on the trading card game, so perfect for those who like to use their brains a little. There is no action in this game, just solving puzzles – not ideal for all then. However, these are not the only games available to download and play on PSN Plus for free, there is also Streets of Rage 2.

Now it is no secret that this game is getting on a bit, but how awesome it is to play such a classic game that first saw light of day on the Sega Mega Drive. If you are a true old school gamer, then you need to download this game now. If this game is not for you, then why not choose some of the others freebies up for offer. These are as follows: James Pond, BABEL The King of the Blocks and The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character.

You also have the chance to get a percentage off some other games and services on PSN Plus, these include: PlayTV Live Chat, THEXDER NEO, Worms, Burn Zombie Burn, Chime Super Deluxe and Under Siege. You will need to hurry to take advantage of these offers, as they do not last for long – that’s if you still have any trust in Sony?

Are you pleased that Sony is still trying to make up for all the PSN downtime, or do they still need to go further?

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