Nintendo could have won E3 2011 already with new specs insight

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2011

We have just informed you about a potential bombshell regarding Microsoft’s E3 2011 keynote and a brand new Fable game, but now we have some information for Nintendo fans, and you’ll be pleased to hear we have some major new details regarding the Nintendo Wii 2 console, or Project Cafe as it’s also known.

Considering this is a brand new piece of hardware that Nintendo will announce, we’ve actually had a decent amount of information on the console already, prior to it’s announcement. However, the biggest leak has perhaps been saved until last, and it comes courtesy of an anonymous user and their information posted to NeoGaf forums.

The info has been split into three categories, Specs, Controller and Games for the system. We’ll be just talking about new spec updates for the console though, as we’re hearing that the Nintendo Wii 2 will run on a IBM triple-core CPU, with 3.6GHz per core, an AMD R700 graphics chipset and 1-1.5GB of RAM.

Furthermore, we’re hearing that titles on the Nintendo Wii will all support 1080p visuals, and early evidence from insiders suggest that games are looking ‘stunning’.

It’s pretty mouthwatering stuff isn’t it? Just to put those hardware specs into perspective, the current Wii runs on the Broadway CPU which operates at 729MHZ, with the Hollywood GPU running at 243MHZ with 3mb of graphics memory.

A new Nintendo Wii console with three processors each clocking in at 3.36Ghz will be able to handle some serious gaming grunt, so if the specs are confirmed at E3 2011, it’s going to be extremely interesting to see what both Sony and Microsoft think with regards to their upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles.

Has Nintendo just emerged as the new favorite to deliver the most impressive next generation gaming console after the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360?

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  • Well, it sure didn’t win now did it. The Wii U just feels like another controller for the Wii to me. I know there is a system to it, with better graphics, but the controller is the main focus. I was hoping for a new GameCube, a true consule to contend with Sony and Microsoft. But they just kept going with motion controls, even though Microsoft beat them with the Konnect. All I’m saying is, Nintendo died to me when they showed that controller. I might consider calling Nintendo a zombie if they make a sequel to Twilight Princess, but other than that, their dead to me.

  • Im not sure about this… I think the Wii still have enough strengh to keep up for a couple of years, and Im sadly sure that Sony’s and Microsoft’s systems will be again stronger than the Wii 2 and this could be just the end like it happened to the Dreamcast :S

  • Anonymous

    doesnt matter how powerful a console is, its only as good as the support for its games, if its more shovel ware, and 20 year old franchises re booted as usual it wont be for me, as already said i dont like casual games and casual consoles, mario is good but not for adult gamers im just over that type of game

  • Donovan Starke

    Oh dear, rumor and speculation, with a dash of fanboyism(or so it appears). If any of this is true, then I say good luck to Nintendo if they hoped to get the casual market to buy this new console. Judging by these “leaks” or as I like to call them, rumors, this console will be expensive, parents and casual gamers will not want to pay too much. TBH, most of their expected lineup is for kids and the majority of the more serious games are sequels to games which should have been given a break a long time ago.

    I know that if they can match the other new consoles in power and speed, then we will see all 3 consoles getting the same games again, but I would still rather use the PS or Xbox because they have a lot of experience with online features and new IPs that make it past the first game.

  • No. Nintendo has emerged as the first of the three to deliver an impressive next generation of gaming  after the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • killersnipe2000

    oh great a Nintendo power house that will play children’s games come on since n64 the big N has given very little to the big spenders of gaming the 28-40 year olds but I guess thats why we have PS and Xbox!? I wasted my money on a n64, gamecube and Wii not again Nintendo I’ve been fooled so many times I’m a glutton for punishment. I still own a Gamecube with a few choice titles mostly rehashed Nintendo oldies remade.

  • Consider what sold the Wii to many was the fact it was so cheap. If they crammed so much power it would have a price tag to match, which consumers likely won’t care about.

  • Ummmm please do your research before writing articles about tech stuff. First off, the Wii has more than just “3mb of graphics memory.” It has 24 MB (THAT”S CAPITAL which is MEGABYTES) of internal graphics memory and 3 MB (again capital which stands for MEGABYTES not megabits) of TEXTURE memory/frame buffer. RAM outside of graphics includes 64 MB, but this can actually be used for graphics, processing and system resources. It’s not set to a certain amount dedicated to one thing or another like the PS3’s split-style RAM setup.

    As for your “three processors each clocking in at 3.36 GHz,” it’s actually NOT three processors. It’s one processor with three cores. Big difference.

  • so a little bit better then the xbox…

    • No…. a LOT better than a 360. Don’t simply look at the CPU. The RAM is THREE TIMES that of the 360. RAM is a HUGE deal when dealing with games. The Graphics card, even if clocked at normal speeds for an R700, is at least TWO generations newer than the 360’s and PS3’s.

    • No…. a LOT better than a 360. Don’t simply look at the CPU. The RAM is THREE TIMES that of the 360. RAM is a HUGE deal when dealing with games. The Graphics card, even if clocked at normal speeds for an R700, is at least TWO generations newer than the 360’s and PS3’s.

      • i was been sarcastic 🙂

      • 6 years later, what do you expect, sheesh.