New iPhone 5 with AT&T 4G only, Droid Bionic or bust for Verizon users

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2011

If you’re looking for a major twist and turn before Apple’s WWDC 2011 keynote kicks off tomorrow, this could possibly be it. We’re hearing rumors that the iPhone 5 is indeed coming, it’s real and it will be equipped with 4G network support, but only for one of the main carriers in the US.

It’s a huge claim to make we agree, but an article published over at Barrons suggests that the iPhone 5 is coming to AT&T with 4G support only for their network – meaning that the device will not apparent have 4G support for Verizon’s network too, as reported from Redmond Pie.

The claims have been made by Todd Rethemeier from Hudson Square Research, as he adds that the iPhone 5 on AT&T will benefit from a data speed increase of around 5-10Mbps, while Verizon users will have to make do with just a ‘less than 1Mbps’ speed increase, which is obviously not good enough for future iPhone 5 buyers on Big Red.

He also adds that the iPhone 5 will come to market with the iPhone 5 moniker, and not the iPhone ‘4S’ that has been speculated in the media. With Verizon’s 4G LTE network seemingly more established than ever with the likes of the HTC Thunderbolt, Droid Charge and upcoming Droid Bionic, it seems remarkable to think that the iPhone 5 will be ommited from 4G support on Verizon.

As a Verizon owner reading this, what are your thoughts on the iPhone 5 potentially being 4G-only on AT&T? Will this make you switch carriers, or are you more excited about the 4G supported Droid Bionic running the latest version of Android OS, than the iPhone 5 still running 3G speeds. Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Blake Robinson

    this guy is full of horseshit

  • This probably won’t be a popular comment, but as a happy
    Verizon/Android customer I welcome the idea of limiting a new iPhone on Verizon
    to 3G only.  When I purchase the Bionic (assuming it ever shows up), I
    will still be in a relatively small population of Verizon 4G users. 
    Adding an iPhone with 4G to Verizon’s network would do nothing but clog 4G
    bandwidth for the rest of us.  Let AT&T have the 4G iPhone… Android 4G
    users at Verizon will not lose any sleep over it.  Who knows, maybe this
    is Verizon’s thinking too.  After all, Apple snubbed Verizon for years
    with its exclusivity agreement with AT&T. 
    Verizon has, by default, been in Android’s camp out of necessity, but
    Android has done some great things for Verizon too.

  • Dont get too worked up Verizon customers, HSPA+ is fake 4G anyway. You’ll get an LTE iPhone in 2012 at the same time as AT&T. There wont be any “real” 4G iPhones til then…

  • Don’t have an iPhone, don’t want one.
    However, let’s see… Should we release a “4G” capable phone on a carrier that has 4G working, or a carrier that has no working 4G at all??? Hmmm. Who comes up with these rumors? Anyway, Steve shoots for volume, and since none of the US carriers have much in the way of 4G, I don’t see it this year.

  • If a 4G iPhone for Verizon is not released at WWDC, I’m getting the Droid Bionic/Targa. If Apple can really leave all of it’s Verizon customers in the dust, as 4G LTE/HSPA+ take off this year they don’t deserve my business.

  • If a 4G iPhone for Verizon is not released at WWDC, I’m getting the Droid Bionic/Targa. If Apple can really leave all of it’s Verizon customers in the dust, as 4G LTE/HSPA+ take off this year they don’t deserve my business.

  • Derek McFarland

    ATT = dropped calls and the worst customer service in the industry with a I don’t care attitude, it is our way or the highway.  Verizon = I can talk the majority of the time and they seem to care some what about making the customer happy (most of the time). Verizon does seem to be behind when it comes to fancy smancy phones, BUT I need to be able to TALK on my phone.  With that said I can wait on 4G, as long as I have bars on my phone for voice communications and that is far from what ATT offers.  Also, I am saying this being an ATT and a Verizon customer at the same time for business reasons.  The company phone being with the devil company, aka ATT!!!  In short, a iPhone with 4G on a Verizon network would be awesome but not at the sacrifice of NOT being able to TALK on a PHONE.

  • fred dubon

    Not only am I a Verizon customer, but I´m a employee as well, I don´t think I could care any less about when the iphone comes out, and the other hand I´m very excited about the upcoming Bionic, people who think that iphone could ever stand to the bionic are dreaming 

  • Brandon S

    Isn’t Apple in the business of selling phones?  It doesn’t make much sense that they’d only make 4G for one carrier, especially if that carrier is AT&T.  But considering that Verizon is consistently behind other carriers in terms of phones, I wouldn’t be surprised.  I could see releasing the iPhone 5 as 4G on AT&T only at first with a “coming to Verizon LTE in a few months” type of deal but to put the phone on Verizon as 3G only is stupid.

  • I’m about done with Verizon if they don’t get a dual core 4G phone out soon.

  • Anonymous

    This has got to be the stupidest rumour so far