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HTC Sensation’s Sense 3.0 UI will give iOS 5 a good challenge

While all the talk is about Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 reveal at WWDC 2011 and rightly so, Android users are probably not losing any sleep as the recent release of the HTC Sensation smartphone shows just what can be done in terms of an impressive user interface.

Of course we’re talking about HTC’s new Sense 3.0 UI update, and the Sensation smartphone is one of the first Android handsets to be able to run it. We have a new video to show you now, giving you a glimpse of just how impressive the new software looks, and also some of the new functionality that Sense 3.0 brings such as the new lock screen.

Aside from the lock screen, you’ll find that most of the existing Android apps on the Sensation have been updated with the Sense 3.0 engine. This now means you can make use of live animated widgets such as Weather, and the clock app, while important apps such as email have also been given a makeover for Sense 3.0 as well.

You’ll see the lock screen demoed in the video below, and also a look at how you can access shortcuts directly from the lock screen, just by swiping your finger on a particular app (like phone) and moving it into the lock button. This handy little feature also works for the camera app as well, so it’s great for those of you who want to snap a quick picture whilst in lock mode.

Nobody knows for sure what Apple are going to announce for iOS 5 exactly next week, but as we mentioned above, we doubt Android users will be too bothered about this, after seeing the capabilities of HTC Sense 3.0. It’s just for the Sensation at the moment, but expect more compatible handsets to release throughout the year.

As an Android user, are you impressed by Sense 3.0? Do you think it will provide a good alternative to iOS 5?



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