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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: New details reveal 100% game completion time

Earlier on this week we brought you some much needed new details on the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. Now we’re pleased to say that we have found some additional information on the game for you now, in particular the amount of time you’ll have to spend to finish the game 100%.

We previously told you some new information related to new dragon shouts, confirmed factions so far and much more, but now it has been reported that Skyrim will feature a staggering 300 hours of content.

Don’t forget 300 hours is just the standard content time. You can probably add another 100 hours on top of that for those of you who like to take time leveling up, completing tasks, minigames and so on. Oblivion was another epic game with hours and hours of playability thanks to added quests and DLC, and it looks like Skyrim is set to follow accordingly.

The information has surfaced from NeoGaf forums, and a supplementary report over at GamingEverything also contains some more information on the game related to melee attacks, a high levelled dragon shout and new details on doomstones.

What are your thoughts on the potential 300 hours of content offering? – Would you be satisfied with this? At the end of the day, players are definitely going to get their money’s worth with 300 hours of content plus any extra quests and DLC content.

Hopefully Bethesda will confirm this for us at E3. Give us your thoughts if you are planning to pick up the game.



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