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Apple iPad 3 rumors: parts certified, 2012 release, lower price

The iPad 2 was only launched a couple of months ago, and stock levels although improved are still low. But there are more Apple iPad 3 rumors with parts certified for a 2012 release and a lower price.

According to an article on DigiTimes Apple has already begun certifying parts for the next iPad, with many manufacturers based in Taiwan taking part. Some companies have already been given the go ahead by Apple such as Radiant Opto-Electronics, who manufacture LED backlight units according to sources.

Other components such as light bars have also received certification from Apple, but currently the same can’t be said of the panels for the device with negotiations still ongoing. Rumors are suggesting that the next iPad will use AMOLED panels, with talk of Apple looking to Samsung Electronics as a solution.

But other sources have dismissed these rumors and have suggested Apple will still use 9.7-inch LCD panels. It is thought any launch of the iPad 3 will not come before 2012, and Apple will look to lower the price of the iPad to see off competition from other tablet PCs.

Do you think Apple needs to lower the price of the next iPad to compete?



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