Tomb Raider trailer debut: Taster before E3 2011

With E3 just around the corner, the excitement continues to build. Many new games trailers, previews and announcements are expected, as well as news of new consoles from manufacturers. One of the most anticipated games in development at the moment is Tomb Raider. Today we have news of the debut trailer from the game just in time for the conference.

Thought the game isn’t expected out until the fall of next year, that won’t stop gamers getting intrigued as to what else may be revealed about the game at E3 next week. The reboot of the series takes gamers back to Lara’s roots, when she was a little grittier and younger.

From the trailer we can see that this game is a lot more dramatic and darker from the previous games. Lara is seemingly on a journey to a new adventure, before the ship she is on is somehow damaged severely and starts sinking.

Lara is engulfed by the ocean then washed up on an island somewhere where her new journey and the game will probably begin. The video itself doesn’t reveal any gameplay but we will hopefully see some of that at E3. Check out the trailer for yourself below which we found at YouTube.

What do you think of the new game so far? Are you looking forward to E3?



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