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PS3 Welcome Back Package displays PSN error messages and problems

PSN users are almost at peace with Sony once again, after the company finally released the Welcome Back Package for users in Europe and North America. However, due to overwhelming strain on the PSN servers, most of you are having problems getting the stuff.

This isn’t a major problem though, as you can imagine that millions and millions of PS3 users are all logging on to the Store at the same time to get their free stuff, so problems are bound to arise.

So far, the problems we see are constant error messages, either when clicking on a particular section of the Store, or when waiting for content to load up after you’ve pressed it. Error codes include ”80710D36” and messages such as ‘content cannot be loaded at the time’.

Sony has already updated their message on the PS Blog to state that the error messages are due to heavy traffic. Just keep trying and eventually you should be able to navigate through the store as normal. You also may be experiencing extremely long download times when you manage to get to that stage of the Welcome Pack. Our inFAMOUS download required a 1000+ minute plus download the last time we looked at it – is yours quicker?

On a side note, there still doesn’t appear to be any official word from Sony for those of you who are still having problems changing PSN passwords via Sony’s email. Click here to read our previous report on that.

How is the PlayStation Network for you at the moment? Are you getting constant error messages all the time, or are you able to download your free games with no problems?



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