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Knowing iPhone iOS 5 download time first

Monday sees the start of this year’s WWDC event with Apple. Although it seems like we will not be seeing a new iPhone this time around, there will still be plenty of news from the company. We should get to hear officially about the iCloud music service, but it will be iOS 5 which many Apple consumers will be interested in. Today we have a post which aims to help you in knowing iPhone iOS 5 download time first.

The first place which should know the download is live should be Twitter, there is a feed dedicated to the download which can be found here. The official Apple iOS page will also have the details when the download is live.

As usual you can expect the team at PR to keep you up to date with all the news as it happens next week, and if you haven’t already you can join the PR Facebook page. We have already had some rumors of what iOS 5 will bring.

Recently we had rumors that iOS 5 would not support the iPhone 3GS, and it might bring the capability for over the air updates in the future. Whatever Apple announces at next week’s event you can trust PR to keep you updated.

What do you most want to see with iOS 5?



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