Use the Google Plus one (+1) button on Product Reviews

Google aims to join the party that Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and many other services are already at, and that’s with a button of their own. Meet the Google Plus one button, which you will now find on Product Reviews.

You can jump right ahead and +1 PR news on Google via the button above, or you will find the button to the left of each post for giving that news a Google +1. We’re glad to partner with Google and their new button for websites, which released only a few days ago. This will help our readers share content in a new way, and Google hope this feature will make search results more relevant.

If you want to recommend to your friends on Google search, then you can do so via the +1 box at the top right of any page, and on any article directly to the left.

By recommending the news on PR to your friends and contacts, next time they’re searching Google for related content, a +1 will show next to the search result to help their search experience. We would love to hear your feedback about this new feature from Google, and hope you find it useful on PR.



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