Sony hacked by Lulz Security, Sony Pictures security is laughable

Now that the PlayStation Network is back up and running and the PlayStation Store is accessible you would have thought that Sony could take a breather for a while, however we are now hearing that Lulz Security has hacked

The hackers used what is being described as a “simple SQL injection” to breach the site, Lulz Security claims that they have stolen personal information of over 1 million users, what’s more shocking is the fact that this information was not encrypted and was found in plain text format.

Apparently people’s email address and passwords for accounts have been found and some of which have been posted online by Lulz Secuirty,

Roughly 8 hours ago the LulzSecuirty website was fully accessible, however we just tested it out and it seems to be down, whether it has been taken down is unclear, however it does seem quite coincidental.

We think that is ridiculous that such a large company can be hacked with relative ease and not only this keep personal information in plain text format, surely Sony need a rethink and should implement much tougher security and encryption policies, what do you think?

As we hear more we will keep you posted, for further details check out Engadget.



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