Rovio Mobile launches Angry Birds for Windows: Download now

By Tina Chubb - Jun 3, 2011

It looks as though the Angry Birds are forging ahead with their plan for world domination!! Not only has Rovio Mobile’s popular puzzle game made it onto the iOS, Android, Palm WebOS, and Symbian^3 platforms, but it’s also been released for PS3/PSP, Mac OS X and most recently, Microsoft Windows.

According to Oliver Haslam at, the Finland-based developer Rovio Mobile has just launched a native Windows version of its Angry Birds game for $5. The Windows version, which features over 240 levels, boasts a couple of improvements compared to the recently released Flash-based version.

The biggest improvement is said to be the removal of the need to be connected to the web. It looks like you won’t need a high-end computer to play the Angry Birds game either. All you’ll need is 512MB of RAM and 1GHz processor, and your operating system needs to be Windows XP SP2 or newer.

Although the full version of the Angry Birds game (Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio) is available for just $5, a free demo version is also available for those of you that prefer to try before you buy! You can download the full game or the free demo version via the game’s official website here.

Do you think you will buy the Angry Birds for Windows game?

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