PSN Welcome Back package now live and how to get free games

By Gary Johnson - Jun 3, 2011

Since the PlayStation Store finally came back online a couple of days ago, many users have been wondering when they will be able to get hold of the free content promised by Sony. Yesterday Sony said it would be available very soon, and now true to their word the PSN Welcome Back Package is now live.

Sony has recently posted on its official PlayStation Blog the news of the package being available and how to get the free games. You not only get some free time on the PlayStation Plus service you can choose some free games to keep. You can choose two free games for the PS3 from a list of five, and if you own a PSP as well you can have a further two games.

Here is how to claim your free games; first you need to go over to the PS Store and you should see the Welcome Back banner on the Storefront. You then have to enter the Welcome Back category and choose the PlayStation 3 Free Games option, and then select Get Now on the next screen.

You are then taken back into the Welcome Back area and this is where you can choose the free games you want. The instructions are the same for both the PS3 and PSP. There are also some movie rentals up for grabs for this weekend only and can be found in the On Us section. Head over to the PlayStation Blog for more information.

Which games will you be downloading?

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  • when i click to go back on to the free games it doesent let me see the options help me plz !!

  • when i click to go back on to the free games it doesent let me see the options help me plz !!

  • The games wont show up.

    After my first attempt of trying to get InFamous but being bombarded with error messages i decided to come back later where hopefully the traffic was less dense. To my surprise I was not able to go back to the page that allows me to pick and download the 2 games of my choice (out of 5). All that is on the page was the two other options to follow:
    1)Welcome Back-PlayStation Plus (30-Day Free Membership)
    2)Playstation Plus

    I hope this is just a technical glitch which will be fixed rather than Sony (for lack of a better word) screwing with me.

  • Hmm…I got my free month of PS plus and have got burnout paradise as it is free. Although when I want to pick the 2 games they no longer show up and give me the option to download them. Plz help!

    • Thomas Parry

      PSblog has your answers, what you do is go to account management, then transaction management, services lists, then psn promotions, click on that, then redeem your 2 games from their 🙂