Polar RCX8 training computer for triathletes

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to link technology with fitness and we have seen some impressive examples of this. We previously brought you news of the car seat prototype which Ford recently showcased that is able to take data readings of the heart condition of the driver.

Today we have news of a piece of technology that’s different but similar to other items available on the market. The Polar RCX5 is a training computer that sits on your wrist like a watch. It is able to take readings of the wearer’s heart using a variety of sensors.

The RXC5 is specifically designed for those taking part in a triathlon. An athletic event that requires competitors to swim, cycle and run in succession as fast as they can to be first to the finish line. The wrist device is therefore waterproof as well.

It comes with a chest strapped heart rate monitor the WearLink + Hybrid, which is also waterproof and together costs $350. There are other bundles available also that include extra sensors depending on what you want, the run bundle or bike bundle ranging up to $480. You can check out the Polar website for more details and pricing information.

What do you think of this piece of equipment?



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