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Motorola Droid X: Handsets freezing, other problems after Gingerbread update?

We have some important news for those of you with a Motorola Droid X, but have still not updated to the official Gingerbread software that Verizon are rolling out. We’re hearing reports that the update is causing some handsets to freeze, with some even unresponsive after installing.

For some Droid X owners, this is probably just another day at the office, as it’s not the first time the handset has suffered some problems. However, the new Gingerbread update is causing considerable distress to certain users, although we’re not sure how widespread this is at the moment.

According to MobileCrunch, some users have installed Gingerbread on their handsets and have been met with a frozen handset soon afterwards. When this happens, it requires users to pull their battery out for it to turn on again – which is never a good sign.

Worse yet, there’s also a few reports that handsets are not turning on at all following the Gingerbread update. Motorola or Verizon haven’t issued any statements regarding this, but we bet they will if the problems continue pouring in. Let us know if you have any problems similar to the ones mentioned above, after installing Gingerbread.



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