Konami’s multiplatform Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will anger PS3 fans

By Alan Ng - Jun 3, 2011

Konami has well and truly kicked started this year’s E3 announcements in style, by unveiling upcoming HD collections for Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders and also Silent Hill. The big talking point though, is that they will no longer be PlayStation 3 exclusives, as they are coming to the Xbox 360 as well.

During a pre-recorded press conference, legend Hideo Kojima made the news official, revealing that Metal Gear Solid HD Collections will be comprised of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and once PSP-exclusive, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

The games won’t run on an emulator direct from their previous incarnations, instead they will all feature updated visuals, a brand new HD user interface and also trophy and achievements support as well.

As for Zone of the Enders, the HD collection will consist of the first game, as well as The Second Runner, as reported from VG247. No release information for the new games yet, hopefully Konami will announce this during E3.

Firstly, what are your thoughts on the collections? Are you surprised that they are multiplatform? We’re definitely surprised that Peace Walker is coming to the Xbox 360 now, after first being a Sony PSP exclusive. Also, it’s interesting that the original Metal Gear Solid PS1 game is not included in the collection, perhaps Konami has something else in store for that.

Give us your thoughts on Konami’s bombshell. We’ll update you when we know more details about the MGS HD collection.

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  • Run the games with the MGS4 Engine , Hideo , please

  • Anonymous

    Anger? Why would we be angry! Not only have we finally got all of PSN’s services back online, but all our friends with Xbox 360’s will be able to battle it out with us to see which group of gamers finishes the entire MGS HD Collection first! (I’m routing for 360 myself because it’ll prove PS3 owners have more gaming prowess than just “Speed-run”)

    There’s always been bridges between the consoles. First all those years of GTA PS2 exclusives (eventually making it to Xbox but only when the new one was released… heh heh heh….) and of course, the love of the Metal Gear series. To be quite honest; Konami have already upgraded MGS1 once for the Gamecube. I can’t see why they can’t port that version for PS3 and 360 on emulation and simply re-master 2 and 3! But hey; I’m not Hideo Kojima and I don’t work for Konami, but let’s be honest with each other…

    We are getting 3 incredible games for the price of one! I never heard the 360 owners complaining about us sharing the Orange Box… so why should we care if we now throw them a bone with MGS?

    Roll the HD Collection! I’m pre-ordering as soon as possible!

  • Ah? Being a PS3 fan and owner myself, I fail see why would it anger me hearing as the best game of all times gets a quality remastering and trophy support. Xbox 360 release is a good thing as well since more people will get to experience this awesome game. What really disappoints me is the fact that original MGS isn’t included for some strange reason. Not even the Twin Snakes. It’s just not right to leave the best game in the series out of the box. Also MGS series is all about the story and releasing the collection on Xbox 360 without first and last games in the series practically leaves people’s experience flawed unless they seek to play MGS 1 and 4 on other console after that.

    So… Well, ok, it angers me that original MGS isn’t included and remastered. No MGS collection is complete without it. Makes no sense not to put at least the Twin Snakes one if original is considered to be old beyond repair. Makes the whole HD Collection somehow inferior to the Essentials Collcetion IMO.

    On a side note. I really hope he “Sons of Liberty” and “Snake Eater” actually stand for “Substance” and “Subsistence” with all the goodies included.

  • Anonymous

    Anger?  Hardly, in fact, I’m relieved.  Every multiplatform console developer is automatically crossed off my list.  Makes it easier on the finances, for one, and for another, I have no need of stripped down gaming on console if they’re available for PC.  And if they aren’t, they’re not worth my time.  Pleeeeeeeeeenty of exclusives on the PS3, and more than plenty of serious IP on PC.

  • ham psyche-nitro

     I don’t see why a PS3 owner would be bothered by it coming out on 360 unless it was instead of a PS3 release.