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HTC Sensation: Off-contract price at T-Mobile, consumers shudder

Earlier on this week we brought you information on the official release date for the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile, but we didn’t have an off-contract price for you then, until now that is. The USA network has just confirmed on Twitter how much consumers will have to pay to take one home this month.

Just for a quick recap, the HTC Sensation will be available to buy on Wednesday June 15th, priced at $199 on a two-year contract with the network. Now though, the carrier has given an off-contract price, and it’s $550 + any taxes as confirmed in their Tweet below:

”We had a few people ask: The retail price (non-contract) for the @HTC Sensation 4G will be $549.99 + applicable tax. ”

So there we have it – what are your immediate thoughts on pricing? Just to put that price in perspective, Verizon currently lists the 4G LTE capable HTC Thunderbolt for $570 on their website without contract, while the T-Mobile G2X, the network’s most recent release can be had for the slightly cheaper price of $499 off-contract.

Considering the impressive hardware specs that you’re getting on the Sensation, not to mention the brand new Sense 3.0 UI, we’d say $550 is not too bad a price actually. Don’t forget though, you’re more than likely to find it even cheaper if you shop around online or wait for incentives from various retailers.

Are you willing to pay $550 for the HTC Sensation off-contract?



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