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Resistance 3 demo via Battle: Los Angeles, UK release confirmed

If you are a big FPS fan and have been looking forward to the latest from the exclusive PlayStation 3 series title Resistance 3, then you will be very interested in today’s news. The games demo will release next month in the UK alongside Battle: Las Angeles July 11th.

The movie release will include an exclusive code which will enable users to experience the taster of the game. So far all that is known about the demo, according to Eurogamer is it will feature Capelli in a boat with Dr Malikov travelling down the Mississippi river fighting off the gruesome Chimera.

If you don’t intend on buying the Battle: Los Angeles movie, there are also other ways to access the demo. You will also be able to access the teaser if you’re a PS Plus member and also via the SOCOM 4 game.

The game isn’t expected for another few months yet, with the September 6th date been noted for US gamers and September 9th for gamers in the UK. Check out the full article at Eurogamer by clicking the link above.

How will you be getting your hands on the new demo?



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