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PS Vita confirmed for E3 2011 with Sony evidence

Remember how the name of the upcoming PSP2 was thought to be still up in the air, since many of you don’t believe that it will be called PS Vita? Well, consider the name game over as some evidence from Sony themselves suggest that the name is now set in stone.

It has been discovered on Sony’s E3 website, that the words PS Vita have been located inside some source code, according to Destructoid. They have even included a screenshot of the PS Vita text hidden away inside Sony’s source, which you can check out through their website.

We’ve just take a look ourselves, and it looks to have been deleted by Sony now, unless we were looking in the wrong place. If they have deleted it, then it’s yet another indication that the PS Vita will definitely be involved in Sony’s upcoming E3 announcements on June 6th.

Will it end up being the final retail name for the PSP2, or is it still a codename that developers are using behind closed doors. That’s the question that many of you are asking, but at least we’ll have the answers in just a few days.

In the meantime, turn the PlayStation Store back online Sony, pretty please.



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