PlayStation Store back in business, but no Welcome Back Package is disappointing

By Alan Ng - Jun 2, 2011

As we just confirmed to you moments ago, the PlayStation Store is finally back online, after months of downtime as a result of cyber attacks that forced Sony to close the PlayStation Network down. Unfortunately though, we can confirm that the Welcome Back Package is still not available.

As most of you will know, the welcome back package is different depending on which region you’re living in, with the choice of free games for the PSP and also PSP varying considerably.

PSN users will get a choice of two free PS3 and PSP games from a selected list, while you’ll also get some unannounced region-free content as well. Perhaps more importantly though, regular PSN users will also get a free 30 day subscription to PlayStation Network Plus, allowing you to download content to your hearts content it seems, unfortunately Sony has remained pretty quiet on this though.

Sony has recently stated on the US PlayStation Blog that the Welcome Back Package is coming ‘soon’, and although there’s plenty of new content on the store via the update, it would have been nice if gamers could enjoy their Welcome Back Packages on the very first day that the store returns.

When will the Package be available? Sony should be well aware that gamers are not too patient these days, and we have a feeling that it won’t be ready until next week at somepoint – although another Store update is scheduled for Friday June 3rd.

Are you happy that the Store is back, or feeling a bit disappointed that the Welcome Back Package is not available yet?

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  • Seems like a big coincidence that there is a big update happening tomorrow

  • Seems like a big coincidence that there is a big update happening tomorrow

  • I think they are trimming down the available content for PS+ first before letting people at it.

  • Fred Gonzalez

    Infuriating. While I remain tolerant and open-minded about Sony´s accountability for the initial hack, their treatment of customers since then has been a disgrace. First we´re kept completely in the dark, then after the crims have had a nice long time to get at our bank accounts we´re told “well, actually, they´ve probably got all your credit cards details – forgot to mention that, sorry”. And then it gets worse. “Have this compensation package!” they cry. “It´ll be available on May 31st at the latest!!”

    And so May 31st comes and goes but still no compensation. OK, hold your horses, just hang in there, we can handle this, right? Patience! June 2nd then. Yahaaay they´re back up! Now all I need to do is logon and access my…………compensation…………..NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    “Last minute testing” they say. Yeah, right. We “may have noticed” (of COURSE WE EFFING NOTICED) that there aren´t any games there after all. But they´re working on it. Phew. For a moment there they had me worried.

    It couldn´t be that they´re WITHOLDING the games so we BUY new content instead, could it? Of course not. After everything that´s happened they wouldn´t lie to us, surely?!?