PlayStation Home update, get your virtual self inked

By Chris Cook - Jun 2, 2011

For those of you who are fans of PlayStation Home you will have been lost for what to do as the network has been down for so long, but with the restoration of the PSN imminent users of the social networking game will be rejoicing especially when they hear today’s news.

The PS Home has been given an update that brings new features for the virtual alternative of you. These features include new facial hair, monocles and even tattoos. There are several Heavy Ink tattoos available including seven tribal styles which cover the legs arms and back.

A Conspiracy items line has also been released which includes the Dastardly Disguise pack, Pixelated Identity Protection items and a two-way wrist radio. It even has its own ‘I Have No…’ t-Shirt line. Other new clothes items include inFamous clothing and as well as furniture. Also Rhino, Blackhawk, Armed Vigilante and Soldier costumes are available.

Another feature that has been included with the upgrade is a built in competition where competitors have to spot three new Sprint posters around Home and text the poster codes to a number to be in with a chance of winner a pair of Sprint themed sneakers.

You can find out more about the Home upgrade by visiting PlayStation.Blog. Are you looking forward to living your new and improved virtual life?

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