Mitsubishi HDTV lineup officially priced

You will most probably have heard of the company Mitsubishi, but it will most likely have been in the vehicle industry. Well cars and motorcycles are not all the company is capable of producing as today we have news of their new HDTV lineup and as well as their availability and price.

The lineup was first showcased at CES 2011 earlier this year however Mitsubishi kept pricing and availability of their products quiet. Including in that line up of HDTVs were the LaserVue Series, Diamond 840, 740 and 640 Series.

There was also a huge 92” 3D DLP Home Cinema TV and the 640 Series 73” 3D DLP Home Cinema TV which turns out to be the most high quality performance for value at $1,599. The 740 Series feature TV apps, internet connectivity and a built in 3D IR emitter.

They are available in two models; a 73” for $2,099 and an 82” for $3,499. There is also a 75” LaserVue model for the series that offers other features including Wi-Fi and Clear Contrast Screen. The Diamond 840 series are the higher end models and range from $2,599 to $5,999.

Check out the article at Slashgear for a full press release on the Mitsubishi HDTV range. Will you be getting any of these impressive TVs?



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