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Impressive Windows 8 UI could be consumers top choice for 2012

The last time we heard about Windows 8, was about Microsoft’s somewhat ‘accidental’ confirmation that the upcoming operating system will release sometime in 2012. However, we’re pleased to say that we now have a video preview of the software to show you, and it’s all official.

Just as previously speculated, the company showed off early stages of Windows 8 at the All Things Digital event, as the information was delivered by Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky himself.

Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 will come in the form of two main formats, running on a brand new interface. The first allows you to control your standard PC features, while the other introduces some brand new Windows 8 applications which have been built ‘from the ground up’, using some slick touch gestures to navigate between different modes of the software.

This is best explained by watching the video below, as you’ll see it demonstrated to great effect. The apps you see on the homescreen load up in an instant, with even videos running in the background, with quality unaffected each time you to swipe it into view. We also see a brief look at the upcoming Internet Explorer 10 browser complete with Silverlight, and also a brand new hand gesture which will allow you to ‘snap’ applications into your homescreen, and queue up other apps if you’re not ready to view them.

Sadly, no release details yet, but the company did confirm that the latest build of Windows 8 will be shown at the Build Windows developer conference in September. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on it.

Are you impressed with Windows 8 so far?



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