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HTC EVO 4G: Official Gingerbread update release date, 4.22.651.2 download imminent

We have just informed you about some great news for potential EVO 3D buyers, and now we have some equally great news for EVO 4G owners – yes we haven’t forgotten about you. It looks like you’ll be getting a surprise official upgrade to Android Gingerbread soon, very soon according to reports.

It has been revealed that the EVO 4G could be enjoying a slice of gingerbread by Monday 6th June, according to images provided by the guys over at Engadget. Two images reveal official Sprint documents showing instructions for the forthcoming update, as well as the 6/6/11 marked down as update day on their calender.

The documents also suggest that the update build for the official Gingerbread update will be 4.22.651.2 and that it will take place OTA on your handsets. On a side note, we’re also hearing that the update will bring fixes involving SMS and also a fix for problems with Gmail services that some of you have been having.

The question on our minds though, is who is still rocking a HTC EVO 4G loud and proud? There are an awful amount of tempting devices available to buy now, with many more set to follow this Summer. Ever thought about upgrading this year, or are you happy with your EVO?



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