Motorola Droid X update brings official Android 2.3 (4.5.596) OTA

By Jamie Pert - Jun 1, 2011

If you own a rooted Motorola Droid X chances are you have an early build of Android 2.3 Gingerbread installed, well today we can confirm that Gingerbread is now being rolled out officially and should hit your smartphone soon (if it hasn’t already).

This news was reported by Engadget recently following dozens of tip offs, according to Verizon Wireless the update brings your Droid X to software version 4.5.596 you can see a full breakdown of changes here, lots of which are similar to what we spoke about earlier for the Droid Pro.

Some of the changes we are most excited about include the new download manager app, a new look UI (thanks to new widgets, icons and screens), the ability to group apps and finally a way to monitor what apps are running in the background and how much memory they are using.

If you check out the full changelog you can see some less noticeable changes which have been made, as with most updates there are probably plenty of security improvements included to.

Some of you have probably already received the Gingerbread update, if you have not received the update notifications simply go to Menu, Settings, About Phone and then choose System Updates, your Droid X will then check for updates and Android 2.3 should then show, simply click download and the update will download and install itself.

Did the update go smoothly for you?

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  • Update great! Works great!! Looks great!!!

  • Benjamin Nye

    Type All,
     Just a bit of tech advise about the 4.5.596 upgrade:
    I’m a mobility/exchange engineer for my company, as such I’ve  been testing the RC’s for the DX Gingerbread release for the past 2 months, when I got word that VZW had finally approved and was rolling out the OTA, I had to RSD my DX back to stock .340 & waited for the OTA.
    OTA roll out observations from my user community & myself :

    1: Users that had been running .340 but had rooted their device
    A. upgrade would fail if device was still rooted.
    B. If the user rolled back & removed the root hack/SU the device would take the upgrade but would freeze up as soon as the device would display the users start page.
    b1: This was fixed by:
    1. Pulling battery
    2. Pressing the power button and the “home” key at the same time until the “Android Recovery Mode” screen appears
    3. Pressing both volume keys to launch the recovery mode options
    4. Selecting “Wipe user data/reset to factory default” – by navigating up or down with volume keys and using the power button to select.
    5. Once complete reboot device and run through the device activation.
    b2. This kind of sucks, but most of your settings are held in the Google cloud and your personal data is stored on the SD card so there not much data loss.
    C. Corporate sync stops working:
    We had to adjust our Exchange ActiveSync policy (this is a server side change at the organization/client access level) by changing the time out & “Allow simple password” settings.
     This morning I’ve had to reset 5 more devices, these phones are stock and not rooted. The fix from b1 solved the problem.  
    Personally I’ve had no problems, however I had to start from scratch, by completely flattening my device, formatting the SD card, allowing the OTA to install without my apps installed, resting to factory default and then reactivating and allowing my apps to pull down from the cloud. (the cloud/market restore of my apps kind of cheese’d me off a bit it only pulled down about 50% of my apps. I had to manually search and download the rest)
    Hope this was informative.
    your comment here.

  • Mine bricked, but I let it run (after pulling battery) on home screen (which was black w/ status bar). Works fine now, but my SMS is screwed. double-tapping words now automatically brings up a cut/copy option, whereas before it would allow you to double-tap, re-type and replace, or drag the selection larger. Also, it doesn’t do automatic spacing between words.

    If I could, I would downgrade to the previous version I had, entirely because of how the typing is F***ed

    Oh, also, my “messages” widget no longer shows my most recent texts, FB or twitter statuses as it did before.

  • Anonymous

    Update went perfectly.  Now I need to see how to root the OTA version.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, mine’s bricked.  Verizon couldn’t fix it.  New phone overnighted for tomorrow.

  • Steven Hawks

    my screen is black and won’t shut off or restart.  Guess I need to pull the battery? 

  • Karla P

    NO.  My Droid X is not working properly now.  I’ve had to reset it a dozen times and still not working.  On the phone with Verizon now.