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iOS 5: Top features wishlist before WWDC 2011 release

As most of you will be well aware, Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 5, will take up a significant portion of their WWDC 2011 press conference, as Steve Jobs unveils the highly anticipated software for the very first time. What features are you expecting to see announced?

WWDC is just days away now, so we really don’t have long to wait. In the meantime, we’ve found a very useful article for you to read which lists five top features that could be announced as part of the iOS 5 software update.

The first feature that is heavily requested by users, is wireless data syncing and it’s a feature that we fully expect to be unveiled within iOS 5. This feature will eliminate the need for you to connect your iOS device to a computer with a cable every time, and obviously is a lot more hassle free being able to update your device without cables, and also share media such as photos between iOS devices as well.

Another feature which is requested is much better multitaking support. While the current system is good, it’s not ideal. Users often forget that they have countless apps running in the background, unless they double tap the home key and close them off manually. It would be great if Apple introduce a much more ideal and visually slick way to handle your app multitasking. A brand new task manager-style app would be perfect in this instance, giving users a much greater control over their app management.

We’ve seen it before on Android devices, and there’s definitely a lot of demand for animated widgets. If iOS 5 is going to be a major interface overhaul from iOS 4, we would expect Apple to include some visually impressive widgets for things like the world clock and weather.

Do you agree with these features? Perhaps you have a different feature that you want to see implemented into iOS 5, if so share it with us below. You can read some more iOS 5 wishlist features over at PC World.



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