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Discover the ancient art of calligraphy with an iPad app

Learn to write and draw letters with Calligraphy Art and discover the ancient art of calligraphy with an iPad app.

Calligraphy Art by Nguyen Tan Hon-Hu helps you create wonderful letters in Chinese and Western styles. Learn to draw calligraphy in three sections Chinese word exercises, Western alphabets and with the use of large pages for practice.

Every writing page has help and guidelines that coincide with the font. Calligraphy Art uses the same functions that you would find using a pen including different colors, width and the angles. Practice to get beautiful letters in this easy to use application and adapt your own authentic style.

Create a great graphic design logo or send poems and invitations to show off you new skills. You can be an absolute beginner with Calligraphy Art as it has simple functions and countless styled fonts to help you progress.

There are five Western and three Chinese writing styles with 9 pen sizes and 15 pre-selected pen angles. Use the 2000% zoom function to edit details precisely with 12 old style backgrounds to get that unique look.

With Calligraphy Art, you will find a beautiful ancient technique to drawing letters that are currently used for all types of great looking documents. For more information, visit the App Store.



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