Twitter’s photo sharing service: Would you switch from TwitPic?

By Alan Ng - May 31, 2011

We have some exciting news for millions of Twitter fans around the world now, as we’re hearing a few strong whispers that the social media giant is preparing to announce a photo sharing service to it’s users very soon.

As most of you will be already aware, users have to make do with services such as Twitpic as their medium for distributing pictures within Twitter pages, but a fresh article published by TechCrunch reveals that Twitter want to create their own service to compete with Twitpic.

Their article cites various sources, who say that an announcement could even come as early as this week. With the world of social media at their fingertips it seems at the moment, adding their very own photo service would be a logical step for Twitter and a move which would no doubt be very popular with users.

It’s a win win situation, as Twitter will provide their own branded photo service within the Twitter website and eliminate competition from third parties, while users won’t have to mess around with solutions from Twitpic, shortening URLs and etc.

Hopefully we’ll be able to show you a visual preview of this new service soon. If you are a regular Twitter user and use picture facilities such as TwitPic, let us know your thoughts on the idea of Twitter introducing their very own photo service.

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  • Are you saying it is OK for Twitter to muscle out 3rd party developers because they finally decided to add photo hosting to their service?  Those third party services and others are what helped Twitter become the “giant” they are today.  I am not a fan at all of this move at the expense of the 3rd party devs.  Keep them all in service and give users the choice then OK – but if they shut off the 3rd party services because they are now competitors then that is just not cool at all.