Sony PS4 and iPhone 6 similarities: ARM technology pivotal?

Who would have thought that the PS4 and the iPhone 6 would share a few similarities? Well it seems as though they could and ARM technology could be pivotal. Sony will be looking for a more leaner cheaper option, while Apple will be looking for more processing power.

Sony does not want to make the same mistake as they did with the PS3 when it comes to manufacturing costs, which was the main reason why they were selling PlayStation 3 consoles at a loss for some time. Nintendo kept things very simple with the Wii and it worked – not saying it will still work now, but it is worth exploring. We still do not know if the PS4 or even the Xbox 720 come to that is needed.

Sony knows that the more advanced hardware they use the more it can go wrong; Sony and Microsoft know that through personal experience. ITProPortal explains how using ARM technology will be pivotal for the future of gaming, and they could be on to something. We know that we always hunger for more power, but software developers can be very clever with what they do.

We have mentioned on a number of occasions that Apple could decide to shift over to using the ARM processor in the iPhone 6 and even the next MacBook Air. This could have a quad-core processor and be as powerful as the PS3. Now there is the little concern of the battery; Apple needs to come up with new battery technology before then.

Do you think that the PS4 and the iPhone 6 will both use ARM processors?



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