RPG and dungeon-crawler games for iPad: Meet ‘Companions’

By Marlon Votta - May 31, 2011

Challenge with four different characters in Companions, the role-playing dungeon-crawler games for the iPad.

Companions by smuttlewerk interactive is an easy to play fun application with a great story. Use the ingenious Dwarf Builder, the powerful Human Mage, the mighty Minotaur Warrior and the agile Elf Archeress to carry you through the countless hordes of evil and strange villains.

Your journey starts as one of four Companions and your mission is to save Atland as Dark god Detexx is rising again and ready to turn Atland into total darkness. The story begins at the catacombs of Mentzel and you have to find out why people keep disappearing, work out the evil plan of the Dark God and try to stop the evil hordes of Nether.

With over 10 hours playing time Companions has four races and three different classes for you to enjoy. Use all types of weapons with over 100 items including books and potions. Join in colossal battles with brilliant graphics on three different difficulty settings.

Use your four Companions to defeat the evil that comes your way. Play a great role-play game with Companions. For more information, visit the App Store.

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