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Prophesying iPhone iOS 5 and OTA updates using iCloud

We had already assumed that the next generation iOS and Mac OS would take a major leap, and now Apple has confirmed that today along with a host of other information. Now we are prophesying about iPhone iOS 5 and OTA updates using iCloud technology. We had assumed that this was coming, but it looks that it will play a key role during Monday’s keynote during WWDC 2011.

So we know what is coming, so we thought we would offer what we know so far. It looks as though new widgets and voice recognition technology will feature heavily in the new iOS 5, something that we already discussed earlier today. This makes sense, as it does class as being a radical change.

iCloud looks to play a major role in both the new iOS and Mac OS X Lion. It is looking more likely that iPhone OTA updates will be coming, but there are a few hurdles in the way. The first is the size of current software updates, as they are over 600MB. This could cause a huge problem for carriers, which could mean that Apple will have to work on making these smaller – maybe with improved compression tools?

The way we backup our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is by connecting it to a computer via iTunes. It could become a reality that these iOS devices will be backed up on iCloud before OTA updates. This might not happen right away, but we can see it happening.

Some of you might wonder why Apple would want us not to use iTunes to backup or update, but it is simple really. In a world where we are always on the go, why would you want to be tied to a PC in order for a mobile device to stay fully up-to date?

What do you think Apple has in store for iOS 5, OTA updates and iCloud, what would they be?



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