PlayStation 4 rumors: Analysts lose faith in Sony’s PS4

By Tina Chubb - May 31, 2011

After months and months of rumors and speculation, Sony Corp. finally confirmed that it had indeed started development of the PlayStation 4 games console. Although some may believe in the success of the upcoming console, other analysts have lost faith in Sony’s PS4.

According to Anton Shilov at, Asif Khan – an analyst with Panoptic Management Consultants – said that he is not sure Sony is in the position to lose as much money on the sale of its console systems anymore and for that reason, they may not invest too much in developing from scratch.

Sony are said to have invested enormous amounts of money into the PS3 consoles. For example, they invested into chip manufacturing facilities, spent money on BD replication and even co-developed Cell heterogeneous multi-core microprocessor with Toshiba and IBM.

However, that is not going to be the case with the Sony PS4. Sony is not only going to try and cut research & development this time around, they are also going to try and cut manufacturing costs. Analyst David Cole said that he thinks this means that Sony will not be in a hurry to release the PS4.

Meanwhile, Jesse Divnich – an analyst with EEDAR – said that the gaming consoles of the future will concentrate more on functionality and less on the graphics. So instead of offering gamers the best possible hardware, Sony may have to offer a console with the best functionality.

How successful do you think the Sony PlayStation 4 will be?

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  • Course they will not invest the same amount of money the R&D is done they will just upgrade it for PS4 dumb analysts…

  • Anonymous

    Analysts never had faith in the PS3, who gives a rats ass what they think?

    • Gregory Key

      LOL Nobody else did ethier or still has faith in the Ps3

      • Anonymous

        LoL, except for maybe the 50+ million people who purchased one.  *rolls eyes*  Fanboy alert.