Intel Ivy Bridge processors release update, 2012 launch revealed

We recently brought you news of Intel’s intentions to have success in the tablet market, and the use of their Oak Trail chips in those devices. Today we have news of the company’s latest series of processors, codenamed Ivy Bridge.

These next-generation chipsets will bring users more efficiency and power as well as 22-nanometer 3D tri-gate transistor technology on an even smaller processor. They were first announced last month and were expected to be released within the first six months of next year.

According to an article at 9To5Mac who have obtained some leaked information of an Intel roadmap it seems the company intend on releasing these processors nearer the first quarter of next year, probably March or April time in 2012. The later timeframe means computers like MacBooks and iMacs will miss out on the technology.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors use 50% less power and promise a 37% increase in performance compared to the current Sandy Bridge processors, despite being similar in design. Check out the full article for more details and to see the roadmap by clicking the link above.

Are you looking forward to the Ivy Bridge processors from Intel?



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