Game changing Call of Duty paid subscription in MW3

Although it is hard to believe now, the new Call of Duty paid subscription in MW3 will be game changing. We know that you will find that a hard concept to grasp, as most fans of the franchise have been very vocal at how angry they are with Call of Duty Elite. However, it will have its benefits.

The thing is we need to look at the overall picture about how much it will cost us, which is not as much as you would think. Yes you will have to pay that monthly subscription fee, but for that you will be getting extra content and your new maps. We bet you will not be that much out of pocket once you have taken those factors into consideration?

It is not known how much the new service will cost, but if you factor how much you will pay for two to three new maps each year, then you might only end up paying maybe $15 to £30 per year on all the other extra content – not bad eh?

WSJ reports that Sony is convinced that other publishers would follow what Activision is about to do with MW3, but it takes a big game to offer such a subscription service. We will just have to wait and see on that one, but it will be interesting to see what other game franchises would be able to do such a thing?

Do you think that Call of Duty Elite and its subscription service is a game changer?



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