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E3 2011 rumors: Syphon Filter 4 release date hints outed by Sony?

We have just brought you news about a potential Microsoft E3 2011 spoiler involving a Xbox 360 and Kinect hardware price cut, but now we have some pretty juicy news for PlayStation 3 owners. It is rumored that Sony will be announcing Syphon Filter 4 at their E3 press conference on June 6th.

The information has surfaced from multiple sources (GameTrailers, GiantBomb), who all state that the information actually originated from Sony’s PlayStation website, before the information was shortly removed afterwards, as reported from VG247.

Luckily for you, the details were already recorded and it apparently revealed that Syphon Filter 4 was being developed by SCE London and that it will utilize a brand new game engine too. Furthermore, Sony are expected to announce it at E3, with a release date in Q4 2012.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you welcome a brand new entry in the long running Syphon Filter series, or would you ignore this the second it hits shops? We think it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on though, especially since it will be built on a new game engine – that sounds promising indeed.

We’ll bring you more details on this as we get it. For now, give us your fondest memories of Syphon Filter – if you have any that is.



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