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Call of Duty Elite: Will you pay for Modern Warfare 3 extras

Remember the rumored Call of Duty Elite project that was leaked a few weeks ago via official logos? Well we have some major news for you now, as it has been revealed that Call of Duty Elite is actually a paid platform for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 game.

It turns out that Call of Duty players will have the chance to pay for ‘extras’ within their Modern Warfare 3 experience, although standard online multiplayer and some features of Call of Duty Elite will be free to play.

Activision were planning to unveil Call of Duty Elite officially at some point this week, but an article published by the Wall Street Journal has let things out of the bag a bit early. Players will be able to use Call of Duty Elite to check out detailed statistics of your performances in game, while a confirmed free feature will allow you to arrange matches using a built-in Facebook messaging tool.

Now let’s talk about the aspects of COD Elite which is likely to turn one or two heads. Activision will be charging a subscription per month for premium features on Modern Warfare 3. Full details haven’t been disclosed yet, but the article over at WSJ does state that new multiplayer maps will be included as part of the subcription.

Activision’s Bobby Kotick has apparently said that this is a ‘huge investment’, but what do you make of it? Stay tuned for more info on Call of Duty Elite as we get it. Tell us if you are willing to pay a monthly fee for Modern Warfare 3 extras or not.



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