Call of Duty Elite: Price rumors, first trailer and Activision fine print

Following on from the bombshell that Call of Duty Elite is set to be Activision’s new premium online service for Call of Duty games, we now have some more information for you, regarding a likely price for the monthly subscription service, as well as a leaked trailer that has already been released online.

If you need filling in on the background information, head to our previous report here to read what was said about Call of Duty Elite before. Now, a new trailer has leaked for COD Elite, and it explains a lot more about the service, suggesting that it will be used on a variety of Call of Duty titles such as Black Ops, and not just specifically related to Modern Warfare 3 as previously thought.

The trailer shows off a lot of the stats-based features of Elite that we told you about, but not so much about the subscription features, or how much you will have to pay for it – funny that eh?

Towards the end of the trailer though, Activision do leave you with the message ”Some Call of Duty Elite features mentioned in video require a paid Call of Duty Elite membership. All features mentioned are subject to change. Call of Duty Elite requires a supported Call of Duty game.”

As for a potential price on the service, information via WSJ states that the Elite service is likely to come in less than $7.99 a month, which isn’t that bad. However, it’s still an extra fee on top of the standard game and DLC maps, so let’s wait and see what kind of content they offer for the fees. Check out the trailer while you can, as it may be taken down from YouTube.

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty Elite, now that we know a little more about it? Are you interested, or does this make your decision to buy Battlefield 3 even easier?



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