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Sony E3 2011: Watch Live video stream, confirmed via PS Blog

Last week we gave you a reminder about Sony’s upcoming E3 2011 date and start time, but now we have some fantastic news for those of you planning to tune into the event live. For the first time, Sony has announced that they will be providing a live video stream of the event, so you can catch everything the second it happens on stage.

Whether this is another of their ‘goodwill’ gestures for the PlayStation Network crisis remains to be seen, but we have a feeling that many fans won’t care. Sony’s E3 2011 keynotes are considered a highlight of E3 each year by many, so the fact that Sony are providing a live stream for the first time is pretty exciting for fans.

Just to remind you, Sony’s E3 2011 conference will start on June 6th, at 5PM Pacific Time. That’s 8PM for those of you on Eastern Time, and 1AM for those of you in the UK. If you live in Japan, you’ll be able to enjoy the live stream while eating your breakfast at 9AM.

The live blog will be provided by the PlayStation Blog, so you’ll have to visit their website to gain access to it, we’ll be reminding you about this closer to the time. Now if only they’ll switch on the store, and get the PlayStation Network back online globally, we would all enjoy their press conference a bit more – would you agree?

Will you be watching Sony’s live E3 stream?



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