PlayStation Vita (PSP2): Gamers reach out to Sony on final name

In case you missed it over the weekend, eyebrows were certainly raised once gamers realised what the PSP2, previously known by it’s codename NGP may end up being called at retail. That name is the PS Vita and we want to know what you, the gamer think of this potential tag.

We’re giving you the chance to state your thoughts and opinions to Sony, on if you think it’s a correct decision to name the next PSP, ‘Vita’ or not. Our first thoughts is that the name definitely sounds a bit strange when saying the name ‘Vita’ pronounced ‘Vee-ta’ out loud. Then again, we all thought the same about Kinect and that turned into a household name, so perhaps the same thing will apply here.

You may not be too keen on Vita as a final name for the PSP2, but if you call it the Sony ‘PSV’ instead, it has a better ring to it doesn’t it, and once which definitely sounds a lot better than PS Vita. Those are our thoughts on the name, but you as gamers should have the deciding vote on this.

Would you accept the name Vita for the PSP2, or are you strongly against this? We’ve read that many of you would prefer the ‘NGP’ (Next generation portable) as the PSP2’s name rather than the Vita – are you one of these people?

We’ve created a poll below for you to have your say on this, we’ll be following up with the results once we’ve received your feedback. Is Vita possibly the worst name that Sony could have come up for a new piece of hardware, or are you a fan of the name? Don’t forget folks, this is still a rumor until Sony confirms it at E3, but it’s still good to send a message to Sony regardless.

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