Modern Warfare 3 levels: Black Tuesday & Mind the Gap?

We already know/assume two Modern Warfare 3 levels Black Tuesday & Mind the Gap, but how much do we really know about them? Details of the first had leaked first, and we already offered an insight of what we can expect. However, Capsule Computers reports that a source close to MW3 development has been able to describe them in greater detail.

The game begins where we see Frost running down Manhattan towards the Stock Exchange, having to fight all the way with an enemy armored personnel carrier flanking him. Once he reaches his destination he then makes his way inside and up on top of the roof and then proceeds to blow up a enemy jamming tower in order for communications to get through once again.

The name of the next level is still not certain, but the smart money is on Mind the Gap. This one is more for you Special Forces fans, as you take the role of an SAS operative that is on guard outside of a charity operation. You will be in the distance dressed all in black combat gear, gas mask and your all-important weapon.

While sitting around waiting for what you believe is a terrorist group meeting you notice things looking a little strange. You are then ordered to check out what is going on inside, which is when the real fun begins. Just remember to make it count, as you are playing a character of the best elite force in the world.

Please bear in mind that these two levels have yet to be confirmed, but they do sound awesome. What do you think of these two MW3 levels?



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