Izar 1.0: Retro strategy RPG for iOS

By Marlon Votta - May 30, 2011

Take yourself back to the classic style of retro strategy role-play games with Izar 1.0. Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Izar by SVP is an epic story about a Knight who fights for ancient artifacts retrieving building materials to make a castle. Izar will change to a tactical mode where all fighting takes place in certain areas.

Your adventure will begin as you journey through the mystical world in real time. Building your castle will upgrade your army and erecting a mages tower will give you power to open and unlock new spells.

For people who liked the dungeons and dragons style games this is the ideal application. With so much room to venture in and areas for you to discover Isar will have you playing for hours. Use tactical combat to defeat your enemies, obtain and control spells to gain advantage through many different locations.

Go back in time and start a new adventure with Izar the great strategy role-playing game. For more information, visit the App Store.

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