Go Daddy and Indianapolis 500 commercial

In the world of sport there are so many different sponsors, with Go Daddy and Indianapolis 500 commercial proving just that. With this being the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 we have to wonder if the domain hosting company was the right choice, or would it have been better to be more auto related?

Then again when you consider what their slogan is you will see why the powers that be went with the ad. Go Daddy always seems to say “see what happens next”, and that is fitting for the Indy 500 don’t you think? To add a little weight to the commercial they used the talents of Danica Patrick, who we all know is a great driver and also has great sex appeal.

As with all commercials like this a huge social media following is important, so it came as no surprise that GoDaddy used both Twitter and Facebook to offer fans an early view of the commercial. Like all their ads they ask for us to visit the GoDaddy website to see the ad in full.

Maybe this latest ad will finally make us forget about the Bob Parsons Elephant Killing Video, but we are not so sure? What did you think of the Go Daddy ad, and did you think they make a good sponsor for the sport?



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