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Blackberry Playbook 4G: Sprint release date hints from Google

We haven’t heard any official details from Sprint regarding their release of a 4G-supported BlackBerry Playbook, but a forthcoming announcement may have just been revealed, courtesy of Google and their search engine results, as reported from Engadget.

Previously, the only details that consumers had, was that a 4G WiMAX Playbook would release sometime this Summer. Unfortunately, we still don’t have exact release details right now for you, but they could be coming very soon.

For proof of this, head to Google now and type in ‘Sprint Playbook’, you’ll see that Google advertises the Sprint website as the first result. You can clearly see the text says ‘introducing the BlackBerry 4G Playbook Tablet’, but Sprint hasn’t announced anything yet of course. Clicking this page will redirect you to the Sprint homepage, however the main point here, is that it could be a good sign that Sprint are ready to announce details on when you can pick one up exactly.

How many of you are holding out for a 4G PlayBook? We have a feeling that a lot of you are going to be desperate to exchange your WiFi Playbook for a 4G one, once they become available from Sprint and selected retailers. We’ll let you know when we have further details on the 4G version for you.

Tell us if the 4G version appeals to you on Sprint, or if you’ve gone with another tablet on the market.



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