BF3 and COD MW3 with PlayStation Move: Gun vs. PS3 Controller

By Jamie Pert - May 30, 2011

With Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 both set for Q4 2011 release dates we are excited to see what developers have up their sleeves to make their title better than their rival’s. Some of this is bound to be revealed next week at E3 2011, today we will look at whether people want to see PlayStation Move support offered by both titles.

Lots of hardcore PS3 first-person shooter gamers probably cannot imagine scrapping their PS3 controller in favor of a PlayStation Move Gun, however we have seen games like SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 adopt such technologies and many say that Move support adds more realism to gaming and increased accuracy.

Obviously if both games do allow you to use PlayStation Move Guns it will be an option not a necessity, we think it will be very interesting to see if a correlation emerges which shows that PS3 Move Gun users have increased accuracy over standard controllers, if so we might see more and more gamers jump ship to Sony’s motion controller.

As mentioned earlier we will probably find out more about both of these games next week at E3 2011, therefore we will have to keep you posted, for now feel free to answer the poll question and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Pug-306

    the shooter games are getting better mw3 is class but its the same story as all the rest lol shooting with your controller more thought could have been done and more money made like i.e buy the move gun get your game half price lol more money for the fat cats……

  • OFlow

    both mw3 and bf3 developers have said they wont be adding move support.

  • Guitarist1984

    both titles being as they are ‘core’ shooters need this. motion + fps = next gen. more & more ‘core’ shooter players are realizing this once they try it. the devs should acknowledge this or see players stick to KZ3 and other titles that have it.

  • Brad Farmer

    I was at E3 and tried out a new PS Move Rifle attachment called Flex-Fire.  If you want to talk about additional accuracy and speed.  This thing will change the game. 

    I have the Sharp Shooter and I can play campaigns with it but online… No Way!  With the Flex-Fire I was as good or better than I am with the controller in like 2 minutes.  No BS It was Crazy.

    • David Campbell

      you might as well just use the move controller alone, imho. to me the flex-fire resembles the failed wii zapper design that nintendo originally scrapped.
      Far as move support I have a theory: target market. The major fps franchises decided to compete by focusing on their respective systems. Battlefield is mainly a PC game, while the biggest CoD community is undoubtedly on the xbox. Either way, ps3 and wii are secondary. Wii gets motion controls because that is its standard. But unfortunately, to support secondary controls like move on a secondary system like ps3 just isnt on the priority list for developers.
      Still, it would be frikkin awesome to have. Maybe we can cross our fingers and hope for a patch or something. Until then, they just won’t see my money. I’ll stick with Killzone and SOCOM.