Apple to push “Back To School” deals at WWDC 2011

By Gary Johnson - May 30, 2011

This year’s WWDC event is almost upon us, and it is looking like we will not be seeing any new iPhone this year. But there still promises to be some things to please Apple consumers around the world. While most of the event is thought to focus on software, it is also rumored that Apple are to push Back To School deals at WWDC 2011.

Jonathan S. Gellar of BGR is reporting in an article that an Apple Source have told them about details of the yearly Back To School deals. It is claimed that the company will use this year’s event to announce this details for the offers in this years program, and will allegedly offer those who qualify $200 off an iPad after purchasing a new Mac.

Last year Apple gave away free iPod Touches to those students buying a new Mac. It is also thought the company will continue to offer people who qualify special discounts on Macs, and a free iPod Touch like last year or up to $229 towards the price of any other of the iPod range. If the rumor of getting $200 of the price of the iPad is true, not only is it a great deal but may result in further shortages of the device.

Have you taken advantage of the Apple Back To School program in the past?

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  • Anonymous

    All the predictions of the back to school promotion have been wrong so far. Now that Lion, iCloud, and iOS5 are announced, the promotion likely won’t happen any time soon. I won’t count on the fact that it will even happen.

  • Abdulrahman AlQassem

    The question is when will this promotion start? It was thought by many followers, according to the past 5 years dates of announcements for this promotion, that it would start Tuesday 24th or 31st. Seems like both were wrong predictions. If anyone has any knowledge about that please update us.

  • Seen as Apple’s conversion rate to GBP when it comes to pricing macs seems to be $1 to £1 then it would be logical to give us Brits £200 off.