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PS3 owners confirm Playstation Network status

Earlier today we told you that there were reports of some users having trouble accessing the PlayStation Network. Sony quickly responded and said it was down as they worked to resume the full PSN service. Now we have an update as PS3 owners confirm the PlayStation Network Status.

We thought we would update you as we have had many readers contacting us saying the service had come back online for them. Some users have said the service was never down in the first place, while others did have some downtime. It seems that only some parts of the US were affected, and may mean Sony are doing the work region by region to limit the disruption.

It is not just the US that has seen parts of the country taken down for a while. We have had residents in the UK saying they lost the PlayStation Network for a few hours. This mirrors the situation in the US where only certain parts of the country noticed any problems. There are some PS3 owners in Canada who can’t sign in as well.

It is already known there is going to be some planned maintenance on May 31st, but there were no warnings of downtime today. Did you have some downtime today where you live?



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