New Sony PS Vita: AKA PSP2, NGP or Next Generation Portable

By Daniel Chubb - May 29, 2011

Earlier this week we heard a few rumors pointing to a downgrade in specs on the Sony NGP, also known as Next Generation Portable. Some insiders stated that the WiFi only model would lose a little memory, rumored to be 256MB of RAM instead of the 512MB that a 3G model will feature.

Today we’re hearing something a little more exciting, and that’s the real name of the NGP (aka PSP2). It’s claimed that Sony’s NGP will be called the “PS Vita” and this rumor breaks from two different sources, one here at Games Pundit and also another blog that states “this story has spread faster than I expected”.

The author has posted some images and claims they had their hands on the photos, saying it was hard for them to been quiet and that they were one of the first to know about the PS Vita. You can see the photos here, which they claim are not done with Photoshop and say sorry to Sony for leaking the details, but apparently “everyone knows already”. We will let you decide on that one, what do you think?

You may remember that NGP, or PS Vita, was officially announced by Sony in January. The real surprise came when the device was marketed as a PlayStation 3 portable, or at least with similar graphics. Since the release of the PS3 it was known that this technology would shrink in time, but into a PSP for 2011 was shocking news, if it happens.

E3 2011 is when we expect Sony to get official with all the juicy details that were left out, although the official site does explain a few specs and features.

The next generation portable is expected to have a multi-touch 5-inch OLED, Wi-Fi and 3G, a build designed for location based gaming, three-axis electronic compass, SIXAXIS motion sensors, multi-touch rear pad, GPS, front multi-touch display, cameras at the front and rear, and dual analog sticks.

Sony knows that the game line-up at launch can make or break a new device, so expect this to be revolutionary in terms of graphics in a handheld.

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  • Haha. Sony should stick with the name: NGP (Next Generation Portable) bcuz it’s more suitable. PS Vita (I don’t like this kind of name)? – as Vita means Life in Italian, what does it mean to be called a Sony Portable as Playstation Life? It’s kinda lame.. the new name = Vita or Life. Sony, please don’t go with PSP 2 becuz PSP 2 is stand out or a part the Eighth Generation hardware. I much prefer Next Generation Portable as in short N.G.P for Sony next Portable. You agree or not, I don’t care. Because this is my opinion for myself.

  • PS-orangoutang :)dont care, its still a “beast” lol

  • why can’t they just call it psp2 and leave it as that

  • Anonymous


    • lol yeah but idc if it was even called the PS Orangoutang, im still gonna buy it 🙂

  • Anonymous