iPad 2 brain possible for Apple MacBook Air and iPhone 5

A day does not go past without a rumor or two circulating about the new Apple MacBook Air, and that latest is that it could use the same brain as the iPad 2, which is also expected to go in the iPhone 5. We still do not know how much truth there is in this one, as we assumed that the MBA would get Intel’s i5 processor.

It is thought that Apple has a concept MacBook Air running the A5 processor, but that’s about it. The test device was also said to have a Thunderbolt port, which does seem right. One would have assumed that performance would be a little low, but CNET News has learned that it was better than expected.

We had assumed that Apple would stick with Intel, as well as move the iPad 3 and iPhone 6 over to them instead of ARM. We would love to say what we believe will happen, but we have seen time and again how easy it is to get it wrong. Having said that, we are almost certain that having the A5 running the MacBook Air is a bit of an ask.

The reason we say this is down to a number of factors, but Flash is the biggest. We have known for some time that Steve Jobs will never allow the iPad or the iPhone to offer Flash Player support because it is too buggy and takes too much performance from the processor – how could the Air be expected to solve that issue?

Do you think that an A5 processor in the MacBook Air is likely?



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