E3 2011 predictions: Sony vs. Microsoft revisited by analyst

With just over a week to go there are bound to be more E3 2011 predictions regarding Sony vs. Microsoft, and the very subject has been revisited by analyst Jesse Divnich. He had been asked who he thought would offer more in the way of exclusives, and it was troubled Sony who seemed to get his vote.

It seems that when it comes to IP, Microsoft is very much behind its rivals – his words not ours. Sony will have a few big announcements with not only new game titles, but also returning ones as well. However, that does not seem to be the entire story, as Divnich believes that it will be Nintendo who wins out over the event.

We still do not know who is going to release what, but we have 60 possible game titles from both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Going on past records it has always been Nintendo that shines, but will they be able to repeat that success this year? That is certainly a tough one, but just maybe a Wii 2 announcement will be able to inject some interest, as the current version is now starting to show its age?

NowGamer reports that the analyst says that it will be Nintendo who shines, then Sony and next Microsoft. Having said that, if rumors are true, then it might be a two-way battle. The reason we say this is because we recently reported that the PS4 and the Xbox 720 could make a showing during the event – although we feel this is very unlikely.

Who do you think will win out during E3 2011, Sony or Microsoft?



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