Samsung Galaxy S II knocks Apple iPhone 4 off the top in UK

If you have been keeping up with the smartphones that are being released this year, you will have heard of the Samsung Galaxy S II. We previously brought you news of a review of the device, in which it came highly recommended was given five stars, before it released.

Since its release we have also provided news of an update for the device, the KE7. The phone had been hyped up as being as good as or even better than the iPhone 4, which has been dominating the smartphone market.

Today we have news courtesy of IntoMobile where there is an article that features the latest UK phone sales chart in which the Samsung Galaxy S II has knocked the iPhone 4 off of its top spot. Though it may look like a victory for Samsung, all that it proves is that they have sold more recently.

The iPhone 4 has been available since last summer yet it has only just been knocked off its perch. Also it still sits in second place despite being out sold. The chart also reveals that three HTC models sit in the top five.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S II will keep the top spot for long?



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